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Your home is your sanctuary and one of your most valuable financial assets. That’s why we take a coverage first approach to protecting your home and your financial future.
At Colby Insurance Group, we help homeowner’s protect their properties by starting with a risk assessment then matching the right company and coverage for your homeowner’s insurance in New Hampshire. Our goal is to help protect your finances and your lifestyle – without compromise!

Why Do You Need New Hampshire Homeowners Insurance?

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It doesn’t matter if you’re building a brand-new home, buying an existing home, or paying for a house in cash, homeowner’s insurance is one of the most important forms of financial protection your family can invest in.

Here are a few of the reasons why you need homeowner’s insurance in New Hampshire:

  • Homeowner’s insurance may be required. In most cases, a lender is going to require that you have a homeowner’s insurance policy to secure a load for your property. Should you choose not to carry insurance, the lender is legally allowed to buy insurance on your behalf and charge you for the cost. (These policies are very expensive and should be avoided.)
  • Homeowner’s insurance protects more than your house. Did you know that homeowner’s insurance in New Hampshire covers more than just your house? A standard policy may also cover attached structures, personal property, personal liability, and more.
  • Homeowner’s insurance lowers your risk. By securing the right policy with coverages designed to protect your finances you are relying on your insurance company to cover loss and damages per the terms of your policy if they occur. The result? You can sleep easier at night.
The Power of Bundling Auto and Homeowner’s Insurance in New Hampshire

Research shows that, on average, American homeowners pay an average of $1,200 per year on homeowners insurance coverage. Thankfully, the average cost of homeowner’s insurance in New Hampshire is lower than that and can sometimes be and estimated 20% less expensive than the national average. However, it’s important to realize the cost of your policy depends on many factors including location, square footage, and relevant risk factors, policy limits and deductibles to name a few.

Regardless of your situation and coverage needs, there are some specific things you can do to save on your premiums and still enjoy great coverage. Bundling your auto and homeowners policies together is one good option. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Discount. Bundling your home and auto insurance policies could give you a discount of 10 to 25 percent off the policy premiums. This can result in savings of hundreds of dollars per year.
  • Saves time. There’s certainly a convenience factor associated with bundling policies. Not only does it save you effort on the front end, but it makes paying for and maintaining your coverage more seamless. One easy payment takes care of both at the same time! (Plus, your policies renew at the same time.)
  • Holistic protection. There’s something nice about having one insurance agent overseeing all of your insurance needs. It allows them to provide a holistic service by identifying gaps and ensuring all needs are met.
How to Shop for Homeowner’s Insurance in New Hampshire

Shopping for the right homeowner’s insurance is easy with an independent insurance agent. Your agent can help streamline the process, get access to the best possible quotes, and quickly identify an insurance company and a policy to best suit your needs.

Here’s a look at the process:
  • Contact Colby Insurance Group today. Request a quote through this page, or call to speak with an agent.
  • You’ll be asked to provide basic information about your property and your needs.
  • One of our experienced New Hampshire insurance agents will gather the most competitive quotes from our carefully selected insurance companies.
  • The agent will handpick the best options for you to review.
  • You get the opportunity to review the options with the agent and make a decision that maximizes coverage with value.
  • Your Colby Group agent guides you through the entire process of obtaining coverage and passing proof of insurance along to your lender.
Homeowners Insurance New Hampshire

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