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A Suite of Business Insurance Solutions

Your business insurance is always at risk. Third party injuries, employee injuries, loss of rents or income, property damage, and various professional and management liabilities like errors & omissions, employment-related practices, educators legal and directors & officers. Let’s not forget about employee benefits, key-person protection, buy-sell agreements, and retirement plans. There are a lot of moving parts, but you’ve come to the right place. Whether you have a hundred employees or just one, we’ll guide you through the process to most effectively BUILD, MANAGE and PROTECT your bottom line.

We’ll work with you one-on-one to develop a strategic, comprehensive plan to make sure you and your assets have proper coverage. Call us today to discuss your business insurance 603.526.2451.

Insurance for your Business

  • Property insurance
    • Building(s)
    • Business Personal Property
    • Business Interruption & Extra Expense
    • Equipment Breakdown
  • General Liability insurance
  • Business Owners Policy insurance
  • Umbrella or Excess Liability insurance
  • Professional Liability / Errors & Omissions
  • Employment Practices Liability insurance
  • Directors & Officers Liability insurance
  • Cyber Liability insurance
  • Fiduciary Liability insurance
  • Employee Benefits Liability insurance
  • Workers Compensation insurance
  • Business Auto insurance
  • Inland Marine insurance
  • Ocean Marine insurance
  • Crime
  • Bonds
    • Contract Bonds
    • License & Permit Bonds
    • Fidelity / Employee Dishonesty Bonds
    • ERISA Bonds
  • Group Benefits
    • Health
    • Disability
    • Dental
    • Life
    • Long-Term Care
    • Retirement Plans
  • Payroll-Deduct Home & Auto
  • Key-Person Life Insurance
  • Buy-Sell Life Insurance

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Employee or Independent Contractor in NH

Employee or Independent Contractor in New Hampshire? In New Hampshire and Vermont, Business owners have a lot at stake when it comes to determining whether persons connected with their ventures are employees or independent contractors. The largest issue with making this determination involves taxes and insurance. A business has specific responsibilities for employees, having the

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Cyber Liability Protection

Cyber security breaches at small businesses are on the rise We frequently see stories online and in the news about major corporations being hit by security breaches, potentially exposing the personal data of millions. While legal cases and settlements are growing larger and larger against the companies that are breached, many small businesses think that

Disaster Recovery for Businesses

No business wants to face an event that could seriously curtail or even shut down operations. Unfortunately, few businesses have plans to deal with such a disaster. It is not unusual for a business to overlook creating disaster plans. Further, companies that do have disaster or continuity plans in place often fail to update their

Umbrella vs. Excess Coverage

Umbrella vs. Excess Coverage A business usually will buy liability coverage for two chief areas. One is to handle its routine, premises liability. The second is to handle liability that is related to the actions a business performs away from its premises or that may address the professional-level obligation it owes to others while providing

Office Functions and Alcohol

Office Functions and Alcohol The office picnic, office-sponsored sports activities, holiday party, and client party may involve serving and consuming alcoholic beverages. Therefore, a number of questions arise, such as the following: Can our business be held responsible for injuries or damage that results from serving alcohol? Is the current insurance program sufficient to address this concern?

How to Protect Against Employee Theft

How to Protect Against Employee Theft When a business uses insurance and/or loss control to protect itself from losses, the focus is usually upon outside forces. In other words, the assumption is that some event or some party not directly connected with the business will be the source of a loss. While this assumption is

Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of Insurance Business transactions frequently require the valuable protection provided by business insurance. A Certificate of Insurance is a document that is often requested as proof that adequate insurance exists. A certificate is not the same as a policy and certificates do not affect the coverage provided by a particular insurance policy. Therefore, requests

Valuable Papers and Records Coverage

Valuable Papers and Records Coverage Whether a business is a restaurant, a television station, a steel mill, a toy manufacturer or an accounting firm, they have one thing in common; they all have various types of important papers and records. Often documents are routine and their loss would not create a problem. In other cases,

Inland and Ocean Marine Coverage

Inland and Ocean Marine Coverage Ocean Marine is the oldest line of insurance. Merchants trading goods over waterways developed the earliest concept of minimizing risk. Traders shipping goods along the Nile usually divided and loaded shipments onto more than one vessel. Using several barges meant that the loss of one shipment would only result in a partial

Additionally Insured – Lessor of Leased Equipment

Additionally Insured – Lessor of Leased Equipment Contractors and subcontractors will eventually have to perform a job with rented or leased equipment and the equipment use agreement will include the rental company requiring proof of protection such as a “certificate of insurance”. Further, the rental company will also want to be named as an additional

How are Business Signs Covered?

How are Business Signs Covered? Business signs tell their customers their name, address, hours of operation and so on. Signs may be simple or complex and many businesses typically use lighted signs. The Sign policy created by Insurance Services Office is available to insure against the loss or destruction of signs, including fluorescent, neon, automatic

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