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Bundled Home and Auto Insurance

Insurance for your two biggest assets.

Home and auto insurance bundled to protect your lifestyle and what matters most.

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Getting bundled home and auto insurance in Vermont or New Hampshire is an easy way to make the most out of your coverage and potentially lower your insurance costs. Bundling home and auto insurance is the practice of buying these two insurance policies from the same company.

People often ask us, “Should I bundle my home and auto insurance?” There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, so let’s explore this more so you can come to the right conclusion and make the right decision for your circumstances. Of course, you can always reach out to one of our qualified insurance agents with specific questions.

Consider bundling home and auto insurance.

There are many reasons to consider a bundle for home and car insurance. Many home and car insurance companies offer a bundle discount or a multi-policy discount when you buy multiple policies. These discounts can run anywhere from 10% to 25% of the policy premium, which can result in significant savings for you.

Bundled car and home insurance can also be attractive because it simplifies paperwork and it’s much easier to deal with one home and auto insurance company. It’s also easier to pay the premium for your home and car insurance bundle to one company, even if you pay separately for your policies.

A home and car insurance bundle with one provider can make renewals more likely for you, especially if you tend to file a lot of claims. Auto and homeowners insurance bundles give policyholders a little bit more weight with insurance companies that don’t want to see you leave. This gives you a little more security than individual policies.

The best auto and home insurance bundle is one that can match your needs and gives you the insurance coverage you want. If you’re looking to find home and auto bundle insurance in New Hampshire or Vermont that suits your needs, then get in touch.

Check the individual policy prices and coverages.

The discount and the convenience of having your home and auto insurance bundled can be very enticing, but if savings are what you’re after, this may not be the least expensive option.

Exploring your options is beneficial to ensure you’re making the best choice for your situation. A qualified personal insurance agent can help you determine if a bundled insurance policy is right for you.

Additionally, some companies may only bundle certain policies, leaving you buying more coverage than you need simply to get the bundled rate. An independent insurance agent can help you comb through the details to find the policies that are right for you.

You can bundle auto insurance with renters insurance, too.

While home and auto insurance are commonly referred to together as an option to bundle, this doesn’t necessarily help someone who doesn’t own their home. If you have renters insurance (and you should), you may be able to bundle that policy with your auto policy as well.

Think about what you need from your Vermont or New Hampshire home and auto bundle insurance.

Insurance policies are here to protect your financial wellbeing. Carefully consider what and who should be protected in your home and car insurance bundle.

You might have multiple drivers in your household that need full auto insurance coverage. Maybe you live alone and you just want the best coverage for your most precious assets. Consider the coverage you need right now, otherwise, you could end up paying for things you don’t need or lack coverage for the things you do.

Whatever your situation is, auto and home insurance bundles in New Hampshire and Vermont offer many advantages, but can also be difficult to understand. That’s why it’s best to have an independent local agent help you discover your coverage options.

Questions about bundling your home and auto insurance? Do you need a bundled home and auto insurance quote? Contact us today to learn more about New Hampshire and Vermont home and auto bundle insurance.

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