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Tips to keep workers safe in hot weather

Vermont and New Hampshire businesses can experience extremely hot weather during the summer months. While it’s important to keep outside operations going, it’s essential to ensure workers are safe from heat-related illness and exposure. Share this information with supervisors and workers when temperatures soar.

Tourism, farming, masonry, road work, landscaping, construction, tree removal, and utilities are common businesses in Vermont and New Hampshire. Most require outside work during the summer months.

Statistics for extreme heat in New Hampshire and Vermont

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, over 30,000 New Hampshire workers and 19,000 Vermont workers have jobs that require outside work with an increase in the summer. Occupations include building and grounds maintenance, construction, farming, and landscaping, to name a few.

The frequency of extremely hot days has increased in both New Hampshire and Vermont, putting workers at risk. According to Vermont experiences 7-10 extreme heat days a year where temperatures exceed 87 degrees Fahrenheit. New Hampshire experiences slightly more extremely hot days at 10-12 with more frequency in Southern New Hampshire.

How businesses can help workers cope with extreme heat in New Hampshire and Vermont

Keep workers safe in hot weather