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Personal Umbrella Protection for Coaches and Volunteers

Personal Umbrella Protection for Coaches and Volunteers

Play Ball and Grab an Umbrella!

Youth sports are exciting and rewarding for kids, coaches, and families.  As leagues gear up for a new season they begin by organizing and mobilizing their coaches, refs, umpires, and volunteers.

Are you involved with youth sports in your community and if so have you considered the liability of being a youth coach? Parents volunteer to spend time with their kids, help spread their passion for a sport they love or fulfill a need in the community for more volunteers. No matter how well-intentioned, the fact is you’re exposing yourself to the potential risk of a liability lawsuit. Lawsuits can arise for a number of reasons including:

    •    Injuries

    •    Disciplinary Actions

    •    Parental Complaints

    •    Player Accusations

    •    Transporting players

These types of liability risks extend to coaches and volunteers both on and off the playing fields. To cover these risks people often turn to a personal umbrella insurance policy.  It offers an extra layer of financial protection beyond what your home and auto insurance policies cover. Both your homeowners and auto policies offer some personal liability protection, but often the limits of your policy and the amount of protection available do not match the level of liability you’re exposed to as a youth volunteer.

Youth sports administrators, coaches, and officials could be held personally liable for the actions of the organization, including any incidents that occur during play. – National Alliance for Youth Sports

Youth coaches are not immune to frivolous lawsuits, and often the settlement amounts can be large and beyond the limits of your standard homeowners or auto policy. It’s always a good idea to consult with your insurance agent before becoming a coach or volunteer to determine the amount of coverage you currently have, what gaps in protection exist, and how much it would cost to add an umbrella policy for extra protection.  Follow these steps to decide if a personal umbrella policy is right for you.

Step 1 – Determine what insurance protection exists for youth coaches for the league or school you’ll be coaching or volunteering at

Step 2 – Review your insurance policies with your insurance agent

Step 3 – Get a quote for a Personal Umbrella Policy. You may be surprised that it’s not as expensive as you thought

Step 4 – Decide on a policy that will best protect you, your assets, and even your future earnings from a liability lawsuit

Youth coaches and volunteers are always in demand. Don’t let the risk of a lawsuit stand in your way of getting involved. Umbrella policies are affordable and easy to get. They typically range in coverage from 1 million to 5 million dollars in coverage. The annual cost for an umbrella policy starts between $150 and $200. The cost will go up depending on the coverage amount and details of your coverage.

If you are interested in learning more about umbrella policies or would like to add an umbrella policy to your insurance coverage. Consult with your insurance agent about coverage options and details.