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Farm Insurance - Farm Liability Insurance for on premises exposure

Farm Liability Insurance Protection

Farm owner, Farm Liability Insurance protects from liability claims filed against you. Protecting yourself and your farm against expensive lawsuits is an essential part of your farm protection plan. Even if you’re incredibly careful, there’s only so much you can control on your farmland. That’s why it’s important to protect your assets before it’s too late.

Liability exposures arise from farm activities conducted on the insured premises. Liability insurance covers damages or injury to another person or another person’s property while on your farm. The basic policy limits start at $100,000, which includes medical payments to non-insured parties. While a $100,000 liability limit may not seem like enough coverage, one way to help determine if you have enough coverage is to assess if your liability limits are enough to cover your farm assets. If not, talk to an agent about increasing your limits or adding farm umbrella coverage.

Liability insurance is available to farms of all sizes, including mini-farms. This includes large farm policies which are geared toward full-time operations, while mini-farm plans are designed for small or part-time farms. Customize your farm insurance plan to meet your unique needs.

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This article is for informational purposes only. Insurance needs and coverages vary; therefore, the terms of your policy will be specific to your situation. We recommend that you discuss your insurance needs with a licensed agent for details on pricing, coverages, and exclusions.