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Boat Insurance Protects Your Investment

Boat insurance invaluable if you spend your free time fishing, water skiing, tubing, or just relaxing under the sun. With 112 lakes in the state and 17.4 miles of coastline, there is ample opportunity for fun on the water in New Hampshire and New England.

If you own a motorboat, sailboat or other watercraft, the proper insurance policy is essential in keeping your worries on the mainland while you escape to the calm blue waters. Like your car insurance, your boat insurance policy covers damage to the boat, liability in the case of an accident involving another boat or watercraft.

How do you know which type of coverage is right for you?

With our dedicated team of personal insurance agents, we can help. We’ll sit down with you and talk about your boating frequency, your desired deductible, and the kind of watercraft you own. Then, using our decades of combined experience with major insurance providers, we’ll find the coverage you need at the best price available.

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