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Are you looking to secure your financial future with life and disability insurance but are unsure about where to start? Do you want to learn more about what types of life insurance there are, how much life insurance you need, how much life insurance costs, and the difference between term and whole life insurance?  Then you'll benefit by talking to Bryan. He's has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for protecting individuals and families. He has dedicated most of his career to educating and working with customers to put a protection plan in place that fits their needs. He admits that talking about life insurance can be hard, but believes it's one of the most important conversations a person can have.

Bryan lives in the Upper Valley with his wife and two children. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, skiing, hockey, and baseball.

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5 Things you should know before buying life insurance

1. Know the different types of life insurance and which will best fit your specific need – sometimes having more than one policy is the best option: Life insurance will fit into one of two categories- Term or Permanent
Term - provides a benefit for a set number of years, usually between 5 -30. Premiums are guaranteed during the life of the term. After which most policies will become annually renewable.
Permanent - Whole and universal life are the most common types of permanent life insurance. These policies are designed to offer protection for long-term needs. There are many different types of whole and universal life policies that have different guarantees and the opportunity to build cash value.
Depending on your specific situation it might make sense to have both term and permanent coverage.

2. Make sure it is the right amount both in benefit and premium – do a needs analysis and work with an agent to find solutions within your budget : When deciding on a life insurance policy it’s important to make sure it is the correct amount, not just face value (death benefit) but also premium. If you cannot afford the premiums, then it is not the correct amount. Since everyone is different, doing a needs analysis to determine the amount of insurance that is right for you is especially important.

3. Know the strength of the company you are buying a policy from - An agent can help you understand and qualify strength and stability of the life insurance companies. Prior to purchasing a policy do your research. Determining the financial strength of the company you are considering is especially important because this will help determine their ability to pay a claim when the time comes.

4. Know the conversion rights within your policy - Most term policies are convertible. This means you will have the option to convert from a temporary policy to a permanent one, no matter what your current health status is. However, not all conversion rights are the same. Know your rights and make sure you don’t miss your opportunity.

5. Know available add-ons they offer - Add-ons, or riders are features added to a base policy. Each rider will come at an additional cost so knowing what they offer, and the cost associated are an important part of the buying process. Some of the more popular riders are, wavier of premium, guaranteed insurability and accelerated death benefit.

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