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Purchasing homeowners’ insurance not only protects your house; it also protects the financial security of your family. An insurance policy for your home protects one of your most significant assets. It also provides a level of financial security for the people who call your house a “home.”

There are many potential risks to your home from a fallen tree to a devastating fire. Homeowners’ insurance is your safety net if something unexpected and unfortunate happens. Claims coverage is there to help you put your life back together and get things back to normal.

Understanding your home insurance policy

It’s essential to understand what’s covered by your home insurance and what’s not. Coverage for your home includes the physical structure and the personal belongings inside. It also protects against lawsuits filed against you.

When you need to file a claim is not the time to find out that your insurance does not cover your loss. That’s why it’s essential to have a trusted partner and adviser in your insurance agent. They can help you understand insurance policy. Your agent can also help eliminate surprises, and advocate for you during the claims process.

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Are you confident your homeowners’ policy has the right coverage to to protect you?

Ask your agent these questions:
  • Are my policy limits adequate?
  • Are there coverage enhancements that address my risks and exposures?
  • Does my policy have coverage exclusions?

Talk to an agent to end the guesswork. Position yourself in the best way possible for when and if unexpected happens.


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Tips to get the most out of your home insurance

  • Read your policy! Insurance companies have become better at outlining your policy coverages. Take time to understand the details such as policy limits, exclusions, and endorsements.
  • Ask your agent about exclusions. Understanding what is and is not covered.
  • Let coverage be your guide and not price alone.
  • Ask about extra coverages and endorsements to cover gaps in your insurance.
  • Understand your policy limits. Discuss with your agent whether your limits will provide enough financial protection.
  • Ask your agent about available policy discounts.
  • Keep your agent in the loop about changes to your home, such as home improvements or renovations. You want to ensure proper coverage is in place for your changing home and family.
  • Schedule high-value personal items such as jewelry, electronics, and artwork on your policy. The policy limits for these items may not be enough.
  • Talk to your agent about personal umbrella coverage. It provides an extra layer of financial protection against liability claims
  • Take advantage of self-service apps that allow you access to your insurance products.

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