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Livestock Insurance

If you rely on your livestock to make a living, protecting your investment is imperative. There’s a variety of livestock insurance options for farms of all types and sizes. Whether you want basic or comprehensive coverage of your farming operations, there’s an option that’s right for you. The type of livestock we insure includes alpaca, cattle, deer, donkey, goat, horse, llama, pig, rabbit and sheep.

Livestock Insurance Options Include:

Basic Livestock Insurance: Our lowest-priced option, this policy covers your property against a limited number of perils.

Broad Form Livestock Insurance: A step up from our basic policy, this plan protects against even more perils that may harm your assets.

Special Form Livestock Insurance: This is our most comprehensive plan, covering your property and related private structures against direct physical loss.

Personal Liability Insurance: This policy protects you against claims arisen from your property and activities conducted on it. Basic limits are $100K, which covers medical payments to non-insured parties. Higher limits and umbrella liability are also available.

If you have questions about Livestock Insurance call 800-392-6532.