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Is It Possible to Get Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam?

no medical exam life insurance

Is It Possible to Get Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam?

One of the hallmarks of many life insurance policies, especially whole life ones, is a medical exam. A medical professional will analyze your blood and urine, as well as ask questions about your medical history.

Your premium prices may be adjusted based on your medical history or any current conditions. However, for many reasons, a person may want to look into a policy without a required medical exam. Perhaps they are uncomfortable having someone other than their physician conduct the exam, or fear getting rejected due to a pre-existing condition. There are life insurance policies that don’t require an exam, but it’s important to understand what they entail.

Options Without A Medical Exam

If you want the easiest method to get life insurance without a medical exam, look into getting it through your job. If you have a life insurance policy as a part of your benefits package, you’ll generally be able to take part without requiring an exam. However, you need to make a few considerations when going this route. While it’s an easy method without a lot of added paperwork or expense, if you were to lose your job, you would lose your coverage. This could lead to a large coverage gap while you look for another job with a policy as a part of its benefit. In addition, if you have several long-term dependents, the policy’s payout may not be enough.

If you do not feel your employee policy has enough coverage and you’re concerned about the continuity of coverage, there are still other methods you can use without relying on a medical exam. Simplified issue life insurance is probably the most versatile option you have in terms of getting a policy without an exam. Generally, all you’ll have to do in this case is to answer a brief series of questions about your health. While this can vary based on your state and insurer, you can expect them to include some of the following:

  • Do you smoke?
  • Do you have HIV/AIDS?
  • Are you currently in a care facility or hospital?
  • Have you been declared terminally ill?

These questions generally allow insurers to determine some of the major health-risk factors on their end before giving you a policy. Remember, falsifying information gives them the ability to void any claims after your death.

The second option you have is a more limited one, but it can be very useful for families trying to avoid going into debt over burial expenses. Guaranteed acceptance life is a policy with a low payout generally used to help with burial costs. The exact payout will vary by state, but $50,000 is the most common.

Drawbacks of a Life Insurance Policy Without a Medical Exam

Many people may wonder if there are any major drawbacks that come with getting this type of insurance. The major one is that, on average, a no-exam life insurance policy is going to be more expensive than one with an exam. This is largely to help offset the increased risk that the provider incurs.

People with chronic conditions like diabetes are unlikely to get other life insurance policies due to the increased chance they will collect on them. No-exam policies mean they will at least get something, but it comes at a higher price. In addition, policies like guaranteed acceptance life may be easier to get but have a low payout that won’t be enough to support surviving dependents for an extended period of time.

There are many reasons why someone may want to investigate life insurance without having a medical exam done first. However, it’s important that people understand what coverage is available with these policies and the potential risks and additional expenses involved. To make sure that you have something that fits your needs and that you fully understand, it’s essential that you get your policies from a trusted and experienced insurance expert.

No Contact Life Insurance Options During COVID-19 Pandemic

These are unique and unprecedented times. Everyone from the local small businesses to the National Government is making adjustments and accommodations as we live life and conduct business amidst a global pandemic.

Life insurance companies are no exception. Due to the risks associated with in-person exams many life insurance companies are offering Term Life Policies for 10, 20, and 30 years with payouts ranging between $250,000 and $1,000,000 without a medical exam. The terms, payouts, and conditions for these policies vary. Some may require medical records from your last medical exam including bloodwork depending on your age. Talk to a life insurance agent you can trust to help you find the best option for you at this time.

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This article is for informational purposes only. Insurance needs and coverages vary, therefore the terms of your policy will be specific to your situation. We recommend that you discuss your insurance needs with a licensed agent for details on pricing, coverages, and exclusions.